Rhonda’s profile of Nadia Radovini — one of our grads working at Sunnybrook Health Sciences — can now be found at http://centpr.wordpress.com/2008/01/18/health-communications-a-grads-perspective/


We didn’t get to online reputation management in the last class, but we will be addressing it soon. It’s time to start thinking about it. You can do that by reading some of these posts:

  • check out the resources provided by Distilled, a British web consultancy with a focus on reputation management.


Although your individual blogs won’t start cropping up for a week or two, some students in the class will have postings on the program’s blog, starting today with Karin Archer’s profile about graduate Catherine Patterson. Check it out on The Word. On deck are profiles by Rhonda and Natasha. 

 Catherine Patterson 

Paull Young, Australian blogger/podcaster who now works with Converseon in New York City, talks about why new PR practitioners should be getting into the potential of social media. He spoke to Centennial students in January 2007.