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Colleges Ontario will start rolling out its reveal ads to explain the Obay teaser that began in mid-February. The campaign was launched at Centennial’s Centre for Creative Communications, Monday morning, February 25 at 10 a.m. Corporate Communications & PR postgrad students helped with the event.obay_reveal 


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Looking for an example of a viral ad campaign that has created some buzz on the web? You don’t have go any further than our campus!

Colleges Ontario announced this morning that it is the organization behind a series of provocative ads around the province about Obay: a pill that seems designed to thwart independent, creative thinking in young people.

It’s tied into Colleges Ontario’s new branding campaign and it’s all going to be explained and launched at a news conference at Centennial’s Centre for Creative Communications next Monday morning.

We’ll be able to see first-hand what kind of media turn-out (both traditional and social media?) the campaign attracts.

Check out the Colleges Ontario media alert, and some of the blog sleuthing carried out by Torontoist on February 15 and February 21.

ObayPhoto from Torontoist blog, taken at the northeast corner of College and Queen’s Park by Jonathan Goldsbie.

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Paull Young, Australian blogger/podcaster who now works with Converseon in New York City, talks about why new PR practitioners should be getting into the potential of social media. He spoke to Centennial students in January 2007. 


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